Friday, October 5, 2007

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Design Ebony Sketching Pencil 6325
SKU: Ebony 6325

Eberhard Faber Design Ebony Sketching Pencil, Jet Black, Extra Smooth. #6325

This is one of the best selling design pencils in the world. It has a thick, black, satiny-smooth graphite lead. Although an artist's favorite for sketching, drawing and layout, it can be seen on the the tool belts of contractors and woodworkers because it lays down a very visible, weather-resistant line.

It is a standard diameter pencil, thus easily refreshed on standard pencil sharpeners.

In pencil stores, you will see this pencil named "Sanford" number "14420" -- which is the new edition we have pictured here.

What we are offering is one of the original pencils manufactured by Eberhard Faber before being absorbed into the Sanford conglomerate. We ordered a small sampling of these "imperfect cosmetic condition" pencils. The graphite quality and construction of the samples was great, and the cosmetic imperfections were small -- so we ordered in a bunch and can offer them at 50% discount off of normal retail price.

Vintage Eberhard Faber Design Ebony #6325 pencil, imperfect cosmetic condition. Sold in singles.

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